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How can we use an industrial robot for design and architectural applications? 

Robotic fabrication and manufacturing is a rapidly growing technology in the field of architecture and design. It is starting to disrupt the manufacturing methods of creating products, furniture and slowly even the architectural spaces. Designers can now learn to use an industrial robotic arm, program and control it in 3D space. In this introductory course, we will dive into the world of light painting and robotic drawing. By the end of the course, you will learn to paint with light, create vectorized drawings, portraits, program arduino and even slice pizzas using an industrial robotic arm! 

Here's the best part! You get to interact with the robot and experience the process during live sessions! 

This is your chance to learn the fundamentals of robotic programming and design strategies from Ludovic Mallegol. 



& Live Sessions

4+ Hours

Recorded Sessions

4+ Hours

Live Interactive Sessions


90 Days

Access to the Recordings

 Course Information

Recorded Sessions will be live from 15th of April 2021

Course Level Beginner, Intermediate

Length 4 Hrs (Recorded Sessions) + 4 Hrs (Live Sessions)

Course Files Preparatory files available

Audio Language English, French

Subtitles English, French

Keywords Fabrication, Robotic Arm, Algorithms, Light Painting, Rhinoceros, Kuka PRC, Robotic drawing, 3 Axis, 6 Axis, Tool path, End effectors, Arduino, LED

Prerequisites No prior experience required

Software Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, KUKA PRC

After Hours Support Futurly Dashboard & Discord Server

Sesssions Availability 17 April 2021 

Live Sessions Schedule 

01st of May | 13:00GMT | 02 hours

15th of May | 13:00GMT | 02 hours

Course Theme | Introduction, Light Painting & Robot Drawing

In this Hybrid Course, we will learn the foundations of robotics. We begin by understanding the architecture of a robot, various movement types and the primary difference between robots and CNC. The course is devised into two parts. In part A, we will understand the process of creating movements using LEDs as the end effector. We will work with different colored lights and also engage with arduino to transfer RGB values between arduino and grasshopper. In the part B, we will learn how to reference a tool and synchronize it with a workspace (2D plane). Using this, we transform the robot into a 3 axis CNC plotter and create vector drawings and potraits. The course is designed for beginner and intermediate users of Rhino and Grasshopper.


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Meet your Instructor

Ludovic Mallegol
Robot Faber

Ludovic Mallegol is an artist, researcher and maker based in France. As an avid researcher, he steers away from the non conventional applcations of industrial machines (robots) and operates in the intersection of art, design and architecture. Robot Faber envisions  and executes design using generative algorithms, pushing the limits of form and the industrial tool, thus opening up new fields of application. Their expertise extends to large format ceramic 3D printing systems as well. Robot faber has produced over a hunder unique products utilizing different iterations of parametric 3D ceramic modelling which includes earthenware, stoneware, mixed earth and porcelain. Additionally, Robot Faber is an approved training organization in the heart of Nouvelle - Aquitaine region, France.

Robotics | Kuka PRC | Ludovic Mallegol | Futurly | Architecture and Design

KUKA Industrial Robotic Arm, Ludovic Mallegol, Robot Faber


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Fluidity 2.0 Workshop Futurly

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Robotics for Architects & Designers 

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Fabrication Course | Robotics for Architects & Designers [INR]

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