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How can we use simulations to create Architectural compositions?

Houdini is a powerful software that allows users to create super-complex models in a very short amount of time. It focuses mainly on procedural modeling and this feature distinguishes it from other 3D computer graphics programs. It is a dream software for FX departments, but in recent years architects have also become interested in it. 

This is your chance to learn procedural and generative workflows from Mümün Keser.



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4+ Hours

Recorded Sessions

4+ Hours

Live Interactive Sessions


90 Days

Access to the Recordings

 Course Information

Course Level Beginner, Intermediate

Length 4 Hrs (Recorded Sessions) + 4 Hrs (Live Sessions)

Course Files Preparatory files available

Audio Language English

Subtitles English

Keywords Generative Design, Procedural Design, Algorithms, Simulations, SideFX Houdini, Visual Scripting, VEX Coding

Prerequisites No prior experience required

Software SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya

After Hours Support Futurly Dashboard & Discord Server

Sesssions Availability 10 April 2021 

Live Sessions Schedule:
24th of April | 13:00GMT | 02 hours
08th of May | 13:00GMT | 02 hours

Course Theme | theNADO

In this Hybrid Course, we will learn the process of creating architectural compositions using simulations that imitate natural phenomena - Tornadoes. The course is designed to let you experience different workflow strategies using the generative approaches of Houdini. We will learn to gain command over controlling your geometries through various procedural techniques. The course is designed for beginners and intermediate users with no prerequisites. The course is devised in two parts A & B.

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Meet your Instructor

Mümün Keser
UIBK Innsbruck

Mümün Keser is a speculative artist and computational designer based in Innsbruck, Austria.His interests lie in data-driven design techniques and experimental investigations. In his works he places himself in the bridge between real and virtual and tries to intertwine these two opposing areas.
His most recent works are mainly concerned with bringing media into architectural expression and creating fully immersive and adaptive hyperspaces based on the user. His inquisitive nature as a human being helps him to stay interested, learn new techniques and face new challenges.
During his studies and career he had the opportunity to work in many different projects and learn different softwares. He also held workshops in various fields such as architectural design, computational design, storytelling and visualization.

Project Visual, Mümün Keser

Project Visual, Mümün Keser

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Fluidity 2.0 Workshop Futurly

Houdini for Architects & Designers 

€65,00 EUR

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Futurly | Fluidity 2.0 Architecture and Design

Houdini for Architects & Designers 


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Participant Work | Past Workshop by Mümün Keser


Katerina Touska

I am really happy to have participated to this event and I admire the high level of knowledge you provided to us. I loved the subject, the organization of the whole process, the consistency over the target and your willingness to support us and answer every question. Keep on like this!

Abhi Thati

Loved this class. it was just the crash course i needed to feel comfortable with a little part of houdini.

Diego Trazzi

I like how "futurly" is becoming a consolidate community with a lot of very good people from all around the world.

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