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Autodesk Maya | Pixologic Zbrush | Luxion Keyshot | Adobe After Effects

Launch Time Saturday, 21st August 13:00 GMT

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Course Description & Timeline


& Live Sessions

4+ Hours

Recorded Sessions

4+ Hours

Live Interactive Sessions

90 Days

Access to the Recordings


Course Level Beginner, Intermediate

Length 4 Hrs (Recorded Sessions) + 4 Hrs (Live Sessions)

Course Files Preparatory files available

Audio Language English

Subtitles English

Compatiability Windows | MacOS

Keywords Polygonal Modelling, Animations, Speculative Design, Visualization, Futuristic Architecture, Machine Aesthetics


Launch Date

21st August 2021



14:00 GMT 

Prerequisites No Prior Experience Required

Software Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush, Luxion Keyshot,
Adobe After Effects

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Live Workshop Sessions Schedule: 

SAT 21st of August | 13:00GMT | 30 Minutes

SAT 28th of August | 14:00GMT | 02 Hours

SAT 04th of September | 14:00GMT | 02 Hours


In this Interoperability course, we will learn to create Architectural forms from 2D patterns, and explore modelling through sculpting and mesh manipulations. We will also learn to create realistic simulations and conceive the Architecture as a Machine. 

Definition of mechanomorphic : having the form or qualities of a machine (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

The workflow begins with creating an Architectural form using 2D graphics in Maya, and creation of the base geometry. As a next step, we will take the structure to Zbrush and engage in mesh manipulation and sculpting strategies. In the third part, we will learn to create paths and movement navitations emulating futuristic transportation systems. We further expand on the design to develop a strong meaning in the approach. The last part of the course will focus on visualization with emphasis on staging, lighting , cameras, video capture,walkthroughs to bring the speculative experience to life.

Registration Information

Mechanomorph | Interoperability Course [Euros]

€65,00 EUR
Mechanomorph | Interoperability Course [INR]

₹6,000.00 INR
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Note:  Use the INR link to the right ONLY if you're registering from India.

Registration Information

Mechanomorph | Interoperability Course [Euros]

€65,00 EUR
Mechanomorph | Interoperability Course [INR]

₹6,000.00 INR

 Note:  Use the INR link only if you're registering from India.

Meet Your Instructor

Witchaya Jingjit (Mean) | Angewandte | IOA Vienna | Bangkok | Thailand | Architecture

Witchaya Jingjit a.ka. Mean

IoA Institute of Architecture, Die Angewandte, Vienna | Bangkok


Witchaya Jingjit a.k.a Mean

IoA Institute of Architecture, Die Angewandte, Vienna | Bangkok

Witchaya Jingjit is an architect and advanced computational designer based in Bangkok and Vienna, His work is inspired by the resplendency of art, the mechanization of systems, advancement of technology & innovation, architectural history, and experimentation coalescing multiple principles to compose a hybrid architecture. Architecture to Witchayat is analogous to “Architecture as machine”, having the sensorial organs as human beings, responding to the environment for survival. In the future, we will face rigorous living conditions caused by natural changes. Therefore, he fixates on architectural design that communicates with human beings, environments, and contexts.Witchayat believes in the inevitability to face the limitless advances of technology. Learning to investigate and analyze speculative challenges will be a catalyst in this quest for answers.

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