Elevated // Entities

Overlapped, Intertwined & Assembled Nested Workshops

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23RD APRIL - 28TH MAY 2022

Elevated // Entities is a series of workshops that revolve around a single theme, Towers. The 3 Nested workshops explore a diverse set of advanced digital workflows and methods to conceptualize high-rise structures.
It is time to take your design skills to the next level!


8 Hours Each


6+ Tools


Per Group


Final Presentations

Nested Workshops

1 Overlapped

APRIL 23RD SAT & 24TH SUN | 13:00 - 17:00 GMT

Learn Modelling, Sculpting & Kitbashing Techniques to create a Tower using Zbrush, Rhinoceros, Keyshot 3D & Photoshop.

Instructor Nathaniel Nutt
Course Level Beginner, Intermediate
Length 4+4 Hrs Live Sessions
Language English
Software  Zbrush, Rhinoceros, Keyshot 3D, Photoshop


2 Intertwined

APRIL 30TH SAT & MAY 01ST SUN | 13:00 - 17:00 GMT

Learn Procedural & Polygonal Modelling to create Complex Architectural Forms using Cinema 4D, Zbrush & Corona Renderer.

Instructor Andreas Palfinger
Course Level Beginner, Intermediate
Length 4+4 Hrs Live Sessions
Language English
Software  Cinema 4D, Zbrush & Corona Renderer


3 Assembled

MAY 07TH SAT & 08TH SUN | 13:00 - 17:00 GMT

Learn Procedural Modelling & VEX Scripting to create Complex Architectural Compositions using Houdini & Arnold Renderer.

Instructor Mümün Keser
Course Level Beginner, Intermediate
Length 4+4 Hrs Live Sessions
Language English
Software  SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya, Arnold Renderer


Meet Your Instructors

Nathaniel Nutt

3D Artist & Designer
Zurich, Switzerland

Andreas Palfinger

Interdisciplinary Artist and Designer
Vienna, Austria

Mümün Keser

Speculative Architect & Computational Designer UIBK Innsbruck, Austria


Can I just watch the recordings instead of participating in the workshop(s)?

You can either audit the workshop(s) or participate in the workshop(s). However, you will make the most out of your investment if you participate, group up, and complete your final project in time for Jury Day, this way you will get a certificate AND an extra 90 days access to the recordings (180 days in total!). All this in addition to finalizing a portfolio-worthy project during the studio hours, and getting to present in front of the international jury!

Will recordings be available for recap?

Yes, registrants will have recordings of the live event available for them for recap purposes as they work towards designing their final project.

How long will the sessions recordings be available for?

Recordings will be available for recap during the whole workshop series period and 90 days after Jury Day. You can get an additional 90 days access to the recordings if your group successfully submits their project in time for Jury Day.

Will there be any refunds?

There won't be refunds. However, in special circumstances, the registration shall be transferable to another individual, before the launch of the Workshop series.

Can I extend my access to the recordings later?

Yes, you can. But only if you have registered to the workshop before the live event. You can extend your access for 30 or 90 days for a fraction of the original price any time.

How do Preparatory videos work?

You receive access to preparatory videos on your Futurly dashboard at least a week prior to the live event, this is to help you get as ready as possible for the workshop and use the precious live hours even more efficiently.

Are there any student discounts available?

There aren’t, unfortunately. Our workshops are designed for students and professionals alike, but the fees have been set with students in mind already.

Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, group discounts are available for 5 or more participants willing to register together, please reach out to us on hello@futurly.com for this.

Can I sign up to the Nested Courses individually instead of getting the full Elevated Entities bundle?

The Overlapped, Intertwined, and Assembled Nested Workshops are available for individual registration. While the Distorted Nested Workshop (Interoperability Day), Studio Reviews, and Jury Day are only included as part of the Complete Elevated Entities Bundle.

What is Futurly+ and how does its access work?

Futurly+ is our membership project that you will have access to during the whole workshop period and 90 Days after Jury Day. It comes with 3 constantly updating courses at the moment, which you can learn more about here. This way you can get some extra Rhino, Maya, and Blender skills to help you out during the workshops. All of this in addition to the skills you will build during the Elevated Entities workshops, of course.

Do we receive Certificates for the completing the Workshop(s)?

Yes, you will receive a verifiable Certificate of Completion for both the Nested Courses and the Elevated Entities Complete Bundle for having completed the final assignment of each in due time for submission. Elevated Entities final project submission day is a week before the Final Jury Day.

What platform will the live sessions be held on??

All live sessions, in addition to file sharing, and after hours support with text and images will be held on Futurly.com. We have a robust platform that allows for the whole workshop to be held in one single platform, which makes for a super smooth learning experience for all our participants.

What modes of payment are available?

We currently accept payments through all major Credit & Debit Cards. You will receive an official acknowledgement from Futurly immediately upon registration.

I still have an inquiry, what can I do?

We'll do our best to solve your problem, drop us an e-mail here. Or reach out to us directly using the chat button on this page.

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