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Learn to design a sustainable pavilion using computational strategies and participate in a competition! 




Prize Pool in Cash + Value Rewards

8+ Hours

Live Interactive Sessions

30 Days

Recordings Access

Workshop + Competition Information

Course Level Beginner, Intermediate

Length 8 Hrs (Live Sessions) + Session Recordings

Course Files Preparatory files available

Audio Language English

Subtitles English

Keywords Computational Design, Sustainability, Environmental Responsive Design, Hackathon, Live Workshop, Competition, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Analysis, Pavilion Design, Challenge

Prerequisites Rhino & GH Preparatory Sessions will be provided

Software Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper, Plugins

After Hours Support Futurly Dashboard & Discord Server

Competition Submission Uni Portal

Live Workshop Sessions Schedule 

19th of JUNE| 13:00GMT | 04 hours

20th of JUNE | 13:00GMT | 04 hours

Day 01 Schedule | Form Finding

Tools Rhinoceros

1. Transforming a Sketch to 3d in Rhino
2.Working with Nurbs Surface modeling
3. Intro to SubD Modeling
4. Driving the form using SubD Modeling 

Day 02 Schedule | Design by Computation

Tools Grasshopper + Plugins

1. Discretization of surfaces
2. Structural modeling 
3. Panelling strategies
4. Construction methodology and joinery detailing

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Prizes of up to a total of $1,000 in Cash + Value can be won on this challenge! 


*$550 in cash reward
*$200 worth of coupon code(s) to redeem futurly courses.


*$150 in cash reward
*$100 worth of coupon code(s) to redeem futurly courses to EACH runner up.


*$250 in cash reward for best visualization
*winner chosen by Spacebound Labs Team

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Fluidity 2.0 Workshop Futurly

Terra x Terra Pavilion Design Workshop + Competition

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Futurly | Robotics | Architecture | KUKA PRC | Course | Workshop

Terra x Terra Pavilion Design Workshop + Competition

 €43,00 EUR

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Meet Your Instructors

Monish Siripurapu

Studio ANT

Monish Kumar Siripurapu is the founder and principal architect of Ant Studio, New Delhi, which he started in 2010. He graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi in 2009 and received the prestigious JN Tata scholarship in 2015 for his PG Diploma in Robotic Fabrication from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Spain.

In collaboration with his colleagues, he has won many national and international competitions for architecture and design, including the Green Design Award for Design Against The Elements (DATE), the Commercial Design award at FOAID-2018, and most recently, the competition for the renovation and development of the Imagination Centre at Dhun, Jaipur. His works have been published across well renowned architectural journals and platforms, such as World Economic Forum, Architectural Digest, ArchDaily, Inhabitat, among others.

Karthik Dondeti

Voxelscapes | Codebalé

Karthik Dondeti is a practicing architect and founder of Voxelscapes - an Architecture studio and Codebalé - a Generative art studio based in Bangalore, India. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and a Masters Degree focusing on Design and Technology from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

He had subsequently worked with Research Institutes in the fields of Building Technology and Design Computation which include Harvard Visual Computing Group and MIT Sustainable Design Lab. As part of his research at these institutes, he had developed automated simulation and data visualization tools that analyze architecture and urban morphologies including early prototypes for AURA - An Environmentally responsive Design Tool that aids architects in the conceptual design stage. Karthik is passionate about operating at the intersection of the Digital and the Analogue and is currently working towards incorporating algorithmic design processes in the domains of Art and Architecture. He is active in the academic domains, teaching courses on Computational Design and Creative Coding in schools of Architecture, Art and Engineering across India.

Competition Jury

Nic Bao | RMIT Melbourne | Futurly
Masoud Akbarzadeh | Polyhedral Structures Lab | UPenn | Futurly
Caitlin Mueller | MIT Architecture | Digital Structures | Futurly

In Collaboration with UNI.XYZ | Sponsored by SPACEBOUND LABS

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