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What is .futurly?

Futurly is the global education platform for architects and designers. We are creating a network for people pushing the boundaries of what's possible in architecture and design.

We are a vibrant community fueled by courses, workshops, events, and the desire to learn something new, every day.

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Learning Formats at futurly


✔ Multiple courses by Multiple              Instructors

 Weekly New Content Added

✔ Watch on Demand

 Text and Image-based Support

More Members = More Courses

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Hybrid Model of Live and                    Recorded Content

4-5 Hours of Core Recorded              Content

Access Available for 90 Days

Extension Available for a Fraction  of the Original Fee

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One-time Event

Recordings Available for Recap        Purposes

Final Project + Jury Presentations

Usually Happens on Weekends

3 - 5 Weekends in Total

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Futurly+ Membership

7+ Courses: Rhino Core | Maya Core | Blender Core | Parametric Fragments | Graphics Core
Houdini for Architects Bundle | Metaverse GAMIUM Sessions

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What Our Participants Say

The workflows you shared were very easy to understand. It was easy to grasp and apply whilst we were working. I see this as an absolutely great thing for an online workshop. Secondly, you made us envision whole virtual worlds within such a short span of time. I'm so happy to have learned such amazing workflows at such a really young stage itself. - Harish Karthik

Guys, just wanted to thank you for the workshops! It was intense, but really mind changing. Honestly, it was really challenging, but was worth it!
- Aida Issakhankyzy

It was Bomb when you don’t even realize that it’s been a week already. Honestly, I’m so glad I could be a part of it in the first place. So much to learn and understand in this short span of time. Love how this platform got all these incredible minds from diverse backgrounds together sharing experiences throughout. I just feel the workshop was structured perfectly and there’s a lot of takeaways.
- Nilen Varade

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