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Learn the Core Foundations of Architectural Modelling & Parametric Design.



Course Theme | Blender Core

The Blender Core course offers students the foundations necessary to be able to take advantage of Blender as a tool for exploring design intent. Learning to take their ideas from sketches, through modelling, applying materials, lighting and rendering so as to be able to create compelling visualizations and animations.

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Course Gallery

Instructor | Erindale Woodford 
Instructor | Erindale Woodford
Instructor | Erindale Woodford 
Instructor | Erindale Woodford
Instructor | Erindale Woodford

Meet Your Instructor

Erindale Woodford

Procedural Artist and Interior Designer

After turning away from a degree in Computer Animation and Visualization, Erin trained as a cabinet maker before completing an Interior Design degree and finding themselves back in the world of 3D; This time using it as a tool to explore the built environment. Erin's expertise lies in developing Procedural workflows, creating shaders, modelling with Geometry Nodes or Sverchok. He is intrigued by truly interconnected and reactive systems. Erin teaches procedural workflows in Blender through their YouTube channel (Erindale) and several courses.

Erin has over 35,000+ Subscribers and he's one of the leading experts at using Sverchok for Parametric Design in Blender. Most recently, Erin's work has been featured as the banner of Blender 2.93.

Accessible Exclusively with a Futurly+ Membership.


How can I know more about the upcoming content?

We do have a public roadmap where we post the session titles of the upcoming six months. You can check it out HERE. If you need to know more, you can simply ask us in the chat on the bottom-right of this page.

How often are the classes updated?

Each course is added by 2 hours of video sessions per month. We have 3 courses running within Futurly+ at the moment.

Will there be more courses under Futurly+ in the future?

Yes, the more members we have, the more courses we will add into the platform. The topics will be voted on by Futurly+ members.

Any prerequirements to sign up for the course?

Nope, all included courses start from the very foundations of each tool. You need a computer with the required software installed and the curiosity to learn, that’s it.

Will I receive a certificate for completing the course?

While certificates are not available on Futurly+ yet, we are building a system where you will get a Certificate of Completion for the Futurly+ courses completed by submission of the final assignment within the course.

How does the after-hours support work?

You can use the Futurly Dashboard to comment on the video and get your doubts clarified by the instructor. Our platform supports text and JPEG images. So, you can post screenshots of your problem and even get answers with markups.

What modes of payment are available?

We currently accept payments through all major Credit & Debit Cards. You will receive an official acknowledgement from futurly immediately upon registration.

I still have an inquiry, what can I do?

We'll do our best to solve your problem, drop us a mail at hello@futurly.com here. Or reach out to us directly using the chat button on the bottom-right of this page.

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