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Blender for Parametric Design

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Blender for Parametric Design

Learn to Create Parametric Design Projects through this Comprehensive Course on Blender & Sverchok (Plugin for Blender). 

Validity Period: 90 days


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Course Theme | Parametric Design

In this comprehensive course, you will be introduced to Blender, Sverchok (Parametric CAD Plugin for Blender) and foundations of the System. The course is divided into 6 chapters with each chapter focused on developing a project. By the end of this course, you will be able to create parametric design projects working with Blender and Sverchok.

What will you learn:

Chapter A: Introduction to Blender, Sverchok and the fundamentals of the system.

Chapter B: Creating a Free-Form Pavilion with curves and by processing surfaces.

Chapter C: Creating a Parametric Wave Bench and exporting Buildable Technical Drawings

Chapter D: Simulating Tensile Structures -  Canopies.

Chapter E: Recreating Loouvre Dome, Abu Dhabi

Chapter F: Wrap - Up - Final Assignment

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Course Gallery

P articipant | Anuj Tambeh 
Participant | George Smejkal 
Instructor | Erin Woodford  
Instructor | Erin Woodford 
Instructor | Erin Woodford 
Instructor | Erin Woodford  
Instructor | Erin Woodford  

Erindale Woodford

Procedural Artist and Interior Designer

After turning away from a degree in Computer Animation and Visualization, Erin trained as a cabinet maker before completing an Interior Design degree and finding themselves back in the world of 3D; This time using it as a tool to explore the built environment. Erin's expertise lies in developing Procedural workflows, creating shaders, modelling with Geometry Nodes or Sverchok. He is intrigued by truly interconnected and reactive systems. Erin teaches procedural workflows in Blender through their YouTube channel (Erindale) and several courses.

Erin has over 35,000+ Subscribers and he's one of the leading experts at using Sverchok for Parametric Design in Blender. Most recently, Erin's work has been featured as the banner of Blender 2.93.

What Our Participants Say


I'm absolutely blown away with your course thus far, Erindale Woodford! It's like it was tailor made for me. You have managed to tie together all the rabbit holes and dead ends that I've been roaming through these past months and, finally, I'm now able to start making the fundamental connections I've been looking for! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I'm wishing I could go back and start this course when you first released it, haha!
- James Hart, Blender for Parametric Design

I took many courses and always found knowledge development in them that I would not find in affordable education. But after years, I can say that this workshop is one of the best I've ever had. Personal approach. The perfect form of communication. Complicated things are clearly explained. On a human basis. At the same time, however, always with a technical mathematical, and programming background. Just a detail as a final recommendation of references and resources is perfect for hardened personal experience. I will use Sverchok more often from now and I believe that only the most interesting will come. 
- George Shmejkal, Blender for Parametric Design

Thanks Erin! I did have fun, and I did learn a lot. This is the best kind of course, where it doesn't feel like a real struggle while you're at it, but at the end, you're surprised about all the things you've learned.
- Christopher Schmitz, Blender for Parametric Design


Will I receive a Certificate for completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion for the registered course upon submission of your final assignment within the course timeframe.

Why is it that the recorded sessions will be available for a limited time only?

We believe in instructor-participant interaction more than anything, we like to provide the best value to our participants by encouraging them to not procrastinate and learn by doing!

Any prerequirements to sign up for the course?

Nope, the course includes a preparatory session, which introduces you to the very basics of Blender. It will help you follow the course and participate in the live sessions easily.

I can't register from the country that I'm in, what can I do?

Please drop us a mail about this at and give us a clear explanation of your situation, we'll do our best to make something work for you.

How does the after hours support work?

You can use the Futurly Dashboard to comment on the video and get your doubts clarified from the instructor. You will also be invited to the Futurly Discord server where you can ask questions using text, screenshots. Support lasts as long as you have access to the course.

Will there be any refunds?

There won't be refunds. However, in special circumstances, the registration shall be transferrable to another individual, before the launch of the Workshop/series.

What modes of payment are available?

We currently accept payments through all major Credit & Debit Cards. You will receive an official acknowledgement from futurly immediately upon registration.

I still have an inquiry, what can I do?

We'll do our best to solve your problem, drop us an e-mail here. Or reach out to us directly using the chat button on this page.

Can I extend my Course Access beyond 90 days?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us on and we will be happy to provide you with a bonus 30 days for only €15 & 90 days for only β‚¬30.

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