What are Credits?

Credits are electronic units you can earn and spend on Futurly. The stable value of 1 Credit = 1 Euro

How to Earn Credits?


Get a Futurly+ Membership

50% Cashback as Credits per purchase (365 days validity)


Refer a Friend

3 Credits to you and your friend at their first transaction.


Teach for the Fam

30 Credits for two hours of teaching in addition to 6 Months free Access to Futurly+


Sign Up on Futurly.com

3 Credits at sign up (7 days validity)


Register for a Course

3% Cashback as Credits per purchase (365 days validity)


Register for a Course Bundles

4% Cashback as Credits per purchase (365 days validity)

How to Spend Credits?

It's really simple! Pay up to 30% of your cart's total using Credits for any Course / Membership purchases on Futurly.com

Example: Let's say your cart's total is €100 and 30% of that is simply €30. If you have 30 Credits, you can spend all of your Credits and get a full €30 discount (you'd be spending less than 30% of your cart's total). 

Similarly, If you have 50 Credits and your cart's total is €100, you can spend only 30 of your Credits there. You'd simply be left with 10 Credits you can spend on something else later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Credits do I have?

You can check the number of Credits you have by going to your Futurly Wallet.

Are Futurly Credits a Crypto Currency?

It is not. It is an electronic credit you can spend on Futurly.com

Will the earn/spend rules ever change?

Yes. They might change. They may even change in your favor! We will notify you atleast one month prior to any changes.

Would you ever take our Credits back?

Never. You earned credits will stay in your possession for the whole validity period.

How does 'Teach for the Fam' work?

To apply to the 'Teach for the Fam' program, you will have to fill in this form. We pick multiple instructors from the applications every month. 

Will there be more ways to earn & spend?

Credits are a constantly updating system. We will be introducing new ways you can earn/spend all the time. There will even be special days when you can earn & spend differently than the usual.