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Houdini for Architects 1.0

the NADO - Tornado Simulations


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Course Theme | theNADO

In this course, we will learn the process of creating architectural compositions using simulations that imitate natural phenomena - Tornadoes. The course is designed to let you experience different workflow strategies using the generative approaches of Houdini. We will learn to gain command over controlling your geometries through various procedural techniques. The course is designed for beginners and intermediate users with no prerequisites. The course is devised in two parts A & B.

PART A: Creating a Structure, Terrain and Simulations

Creation of the Structure and Terrain

We will learn the process of creating a structure and the ground terrain where the geometry is placed. After creating the base structure, we will analyze the complete geometry and it's points of intersection with the terrain.

You will get deeper insights on working with various geometries and their intersections with other geometries.

The next step will be to develop a simulation script and run it over the main geometry. This is where the magic happens! This phase will be further broken down into three areas, where we learn different techiques of geometry creation with the help of Foreach-loops, VEX Scripting and VOPs.

In addition, we will also learn the process of exporting your geometries. We will familiarize ourselves with the various parameters, attributes that are necessary for exporting your geometries to other programs. (calculating the UV's and normals).

PART B: Post Processing, Rendering, and Visualization
In addition to learning the workflows using Houdini, we will also learn the process of importing our geometry to Autodesk Maya and set up a visualization scene.

We will use Arnold Renderer and develop a scene, create materials, set up lighting, and render the whole project.

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Live Sessions Schedule

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18th Feb 2023

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Feb 18th| 13:00 GMT & Mar 18th | 13:00 GMT
Apr 15th | 13:00 GMT & May 20th | 13:00 GMT
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Course Gallery

Participant | Diego Trazzi
Participant | Hemant Jindal
Instructor | Mümün Keser
P articipant | Andreas Kopřiva Lernis 
Participant | Yashraj Silhar

Mümin Keser


Mümün Keser is a speculative architect and computational designer based in Innsbruck, Austria.His interests lie in data-driven design techniques and experimental investigations. In his works he places himself in the bridge between real and virtual and tries to intertwine these two opposing areas. His most recent works are mainly concerned with bringing media into architectural expression and creating fully immersive and adaptive hyperspaces based on the user. His inquisitive nature as a human being helps him to stay interested, learn new techniques and face new challenges. During his studies and career he had the opportunity to work in many different projects and learn different softwares. He also held workshops in various fields such as architectural design, computational design, storytelling and visualization.

What Our Participants Say


I am really happy to have participated to this event and I admire the high level of knowledge you provided to us. I loved the subject, the organization of the whole process, the consistency over the target and your willingness to support us and answer every question. Keep on like this!
- Katerina Touska, Houdini for Architects 1.0


Loved this class. it was just the crash course I needed to feel comfortable with a little part of houdini.
- Abhi Thati, Synthetic Simulations

Really interesting course because of focus on architectural concepts and not only on random generative things as it often happens!
- Kyryll, Synthetic Simulations


Will I receive a Certificate for completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion for the registered course upon submission of your final assignment within the course time frame.

How does lifetime access work?

Futurly offers lifetime access to some of its courses, allowing you to have access to the course content for the duration of the platform's existence. This lifetime access is only valid for the course content, not for support from the instructor. Upon purchasing a course with lifetime access, there may be a specified deadline for instructor support. To gain more information on Futurly's lifetime access policy and the courses that offer lifetime access, please follow THIS LINK.

Any requirements to sign up for the course?

Nope, the course includes a preparatory session, which introduces you to the very basics of Houdini. It will help you follow the course and participate in the live sessions easily.

I can't register from the country that I'm in, what can I do?

Please drop us a mail about this at hello@futurly.com and give us a clear explanation of your situation, we'll do our best to make something work for you.

How does support work?

You can use the Futurly Dashboard to comment on the video and get your doubts clarified by the instructor. You may also post images to explain your doubts further. Support lasts until March 2024.

Will there be any refunds?

There won't be refunds. However, in special circumstances, the registration shall be transferable to another individual, before the launch of the Workshop/series.

Is Houdini 3D free?

Houdini Apprentice is free for everyone to use, making it a great platform for aspiring Houdini 3d Architects & Artists.

Is it hard to learn Houdini?

It can be difficult to get well-versed in the Houdini program because of its procedural nature. Once you are acquainted with the fundamentals of Houdini, the process gets easier.

What modes of payment are available?

We currently accept payments through all major Credit & Debit Cards. We also support custom PayPal Registration Link / Crypto Payments in special circumstances. Send us an email to hello@futurly.com with your name & course details and we will take it from there.

I still have an inquiry, what can I do?

We'll do our best to solve your problem, drop us an e-mail here. Or reach out to us directly using the chat button on this page.

Is Houdini or Blender better?

Both Houdini and Blender are efficient 3D software. Upon comparison, both platforms offer a diverse set of tools and unique workflow. However, Houdini handles complexity well with its procedural tools. Checkout our detailed comparison of Blender vs Houdini.

Will Blender overtake Houdini?

No, the Houdini Software Applications vary considerably from those of Blender. Therefore, Blender will not overtake the Houdini Program in the foreseeable future.

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